noun \'elf\
plural elves \'elvz\

"With no clear-cut distinction between humans and gods, the Elves tend to sustain their role as powerful, sometimes threatening outsiders gifted in magic, mentally sharp, lovers of nature, art, and song. More beautiful and wiser than humans, with sharper senses and perceptions, Elves are monstrous and delightfully harmful."

Magic Elf’s high energy, progressive rock/fusion is often compared to The Dregs, Rush, King Crimson, Allan Holdsworth, along with echoes of both Bach and Beck. Guitar World Magazine says, "Without a doubt, the Elf packs a punch... their all-instrumental music is ass-kickingly ferocious jazz fusion/progressive hard rock... a must-hear for any serious fans of creative, technically proficient prog rock”.

Hailing from New York, together since 1985, the band's cult following is ferocious, hard-core and distinctive.

Guitarist for the progressive rock groups, Magic Elf and Carl Roa Band, Roa
rips through supercharged solos and glides through mazes of soulful chord progressions. Roa's ability to balance musicality and technique has delighted music fans worldwide and earned accolades from Guitar World and Billboard magazines. Roa's unique playing style puts him at the forefront of today's progressive rock genre.

Dave Miranda has been drumming for diverse musical projects since 1983, including “Zappa-punk” legends Six & Violence (featuring Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Lettuce Prey, 1990), progressive thrash/metal Relatively Records artists Ludichrist (later Scatterbrain) and currently with rock/fusion trio Magic Elf. A professional audio engineer since 1999, Miranda experiments with all phases of audio production and drum sounds, in pursuit of the ultimate strategies for heavy genres.

Grammy-nominated bassist Dave LaRue’s technical prowess is formidable among jazz-fusionists, but his unique talent is to project his virtuosity with remarkable soul and feel. A long-time member of the instrumental groups the Steve Morse Band and the Dixie Dregs, LaRue continues to be the go-to guy for many leading guitarists, having worked with Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Vinnie Moore, Pat Travers, Steve Lukather, Mike Stern, Eric Johnson, Andy Timmons, Albert Lee, Paul Gilbert, Tony MacAlpine and Steve Vai.

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Press Pull Quotes

Exceptional technical excellence"
- Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull

"Magic Elf will blow you away if you like technical progressive fusion”
- Aural Innovations

"High intensity… accomplished musicians… sense of humor"
- Expose

"Warmly recommended to those liking well-made fusion"
- Colossus Magazine (Finland)

"One of the biggest surprises of the past year… each of the songs is perfect"
- Atropos (Spain)

“Talented band… you’ll love them for they are just brilliant”
- Acid Dragon (France)

“Masterfully played and composed…the songs and concept are clearly the focus”
- Music Monthly

“Make no mistake about the talents of these three musicians… well composed musical compositions”
- Long Island Entertainment